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Season’s Greetings

With the Holiday Season finally here and hopes of putting the pandemic behind us I am looking forward to enjoying a little break from my art and basking in some virtually family time!

While 2020 has been a severely challenging year to so many and on so many fronts, both personally and professionally, I want to take this opportunity to thank the many people who helped me to make it through. It seems that success and survival have never been so closely entwined.

Thank you to my followers and my clients, who so generously supported me by purchasing a painting, liked or commented on my work or just visited my site: in a year where physical isolation was so necessary you helped me to remember that I was not alone. Thank you.

To my galleries who were so financially and personally burdened by lock downs and COVID safe practices but still found creative ways to promote my art, thank you for your efforts and our shared successes.

Until I am back in my studio exploring new ideas and techniques that I can use to express myself using colour and canvas my Web Store will remain open.

A sincere Thank You to all the essential service providers like medical workers, delivery truck drivers and grocery store staff: you are truly the 'glue' that helped us survive 2020.

I hope that 2021 brings you all peace, good health and much happiness!

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