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Horseshoe Crab

I am excited and honoured to have had my painting awarded first place in the International Horseshoe Crab Day 2020 Art Contest.

Hopefully all the beautiful pieces will help raise awareness for the amazing horseshoe crab. Thank you very much to the jury!

When I was in Florida last winter my husband Mitch and I had the chance to do some volunteer work with researchers who are studying horseshoe crabs! Our work consisted of counting them on the beaches where they were spawning, weighing them, measuring them and tagging them! Very interesting and an honour to work on this 450 million year old group of animals whose closest living relatives are actually spiders and not crabs! The COVID-19 pandemic has put the project on hold, but I am really looking forward to getting back to Florida as soon as we can and continuing to volunteer with this important study and great team!

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