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I was born in Varennes, Québec, Canada, on the south shore of the St. Lawrence River, and have always loved to draw…


Formally trained as a graphic designer in Montréal, I subsequently discovered the tremendous liberation found in expressing my imagination and projecting my unique whimsical imagery on surfaces using the power of texture and colours.


Over the years, I have explored various types and styles of artistic expression before discovering the art form that provides me with a more complete creative outlet: Mixed Media Art.


I am particularly captivated by marine life and my art is influenced by the endless variety of form and function found in the creatures that inhabit our blue planet: turtles, seahorses, starfish, fish... The marine world and its power profoundly move me, and its variety and mystery infuse me with a deep sense of awe. My husband, an oceanographer, was instrumental in introducing me to the wonders of this hidden world. It is this wonder which I strive to capture in my work. Integrating and adapting the varied facets of colour and material, I endeavour to vividly portray the sea and its creatures. The end results are fanciful, stylized and vibrant ocean views presented as landscapes and seascapes: the dynamic edge where the terrestrial world meets the marine.


I reside in Newmarket, Ontario and my paintings are currently held in corporate and private collections around the world, including Europe, Austral-Asia, Japan, and South and North America.


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