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Art in the time of COVID-19

Sitting in my studio and not able to feel creative has never happen to me, not until now.

When we came back from Florida and decided to remain home-bound, under self-isolation, I really thought that doing so would not have any impact on me. After all I am used to being by myself in my studio alone and not only am I used to it, but I have always immensely enjoyed those moments of solitude and creativity in my quiet space. But this time, it is very different and I am completely overwhelmed as my thoughts swirl around the devastation of this horrible Covid-19 pandemic. I am concerned and feel anxious for my family, my friends and the very future of our planet.

The result is I am unable to motivate myself to paint or to create.

Today, I started to receive art show cancellations and I know these won’t be the last. I will have to adapt to this new reality where art shows, openings and workshops are no longer something I can easily do.

As an artist it’s a very scary time. Everything is frozen in time at the moment. The drive to be creative, the anticipation of participating in shows; my artistic process has come to a necessary, yet brutal, halt.

Despite everything going on during this pandemic we must hold on and keep hope alive, because the storm will come to an end and life will once again shine (sparkle?) and creativity will flow!

Be safe and stay home!

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