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Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition: THANK YOU!

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Being back at the TOAE after 11 years was the highlight of my summer outdoor show season! I feel very

privileged and so happy to have had my paintings selected by the jury of this Canada's largest and longest running juried contemporary outdoor art fair.

Everything went smoothly, from the set-up to the take down! The TOAE volunteers and the show’s organizers were AMAZING! They worked so hard to make this show a HUGE SUCCESS.

Even Mother Nature was on our side! On Friday the day started off cloudy, but then the sun came out and so did the art lovers! The rest of the weekend was warm and rain-free and the enthusiastic crowds arrived by the thousands.

While I am so pleased that many of my paintings found new homes, I also appreciated all the great comments I received over the three days of the show. Accolades from friends, new friends, artist friends and art lovers. As an artist it is important to reconnect with people after spending so much solitary time in my studio: just me, my canvas, paints and imagination! I feel so grateful and humbled to have my work generate so much love, appreciation and optimism.

I can’t wait to get back to my studio and resume the creative process anew with renewed energy and enthusiasm.

So many textures, colours and ideas to explore…..!

Thank you all for a wonderful weekend!

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