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When art meets politics!

For the last 3 months I had the privilege of having a selection of my paintings on display in the offices of Newmarket-Aurora MPP Chris Ballard.

I had the chance to meet with MPP Chris Ballard when I went to his office to take down my art, before leaving his walls for the next artist, Zorica Miric. I was very pleased to meet him and have the chance to thank him for this great opportunity, which he extends to local artists. During our chat, he shared with me that not only does he really enjoy having ever changing works of art grace his office walls office, but also that the paintings were often the first topic of conversation before moving on to “business” with his guests. Interesting how art helps to forge or reveal a common bond between people at a human level, even in the sometimes charged atmosphere of a political or business setting. How wonderful this is!

I want to thank Chris Ballard, MPP for opening his offices to local artists and also SOYRA (Claire d’Aurore) for making this possible.

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